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How We Work - Recruitment

We've designed our processes to make your life as an F&B operator or owner EASY! Working with us involves just 4 simple steps.. best part is, we do almost all the work!

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Signing Contract

STEP 1 - You'll need to officially engage us..

We'll send you an engagement letter and you'll just need to read it and if you're happy to proceed, sign (and stamp) it and return a copy to us.

STEP 2 - We'll need to know what you need AND what you're offering..

Just let us know what positions you require (e.g Waiters/waitresses, Bar Staff, Cashier, Commis Cooks, Kitchen Assistants or even Retail Assistants), for which outlet (location and address of outlet these staff are for) and the prerequisite criteria for the staff you're looking for. (E.g. Must speak basic English, must have X year(s) of experience for the position applied, etc).

We'll also need a list of job details/information (we'll send you a list to fill-out) like salary offered, shift times, etc.


STEP 3 - Sit back and let us get to work..

We'll begin searching (we will search on our existing database as well as for new recruits in the relevant area(s)), assessing and filtering suitable candidates to match your criteria set. The search period can take anywhere from 3 to 30 days*.

* Search periods can vary depending on post-covid-19 pandemic lock down effected market conditions.

Step 4 - The Interview..

Once we've got a suitable candidate, we will send you his/her/their profile, along with a recent picture. You then decide if you would like to interview the candidate. If yes, we will schedule the interview according to your instructions (date, time, location) and after the interview if the candidate is accepted by you or your appointed interviewer, we will issue the invoice.

Thereafter, if the candidate should resign before the stipulated warranty period (or otherwise prove unsuitable according to the stipulated terms), we'll get you a replacement.

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How We Work: Why Choose Us

Got more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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