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Customer Benefits

Check out the great benefits we offer our F&B clients

Here at Source Co we understand the challenges faced by our customers and strive to provide you with benefits that helps relieve the challenges in managing staffing issues:

- We search/source, assess and recommend for hire BOTH Malaysian and Foreign (currently living in Malaysia) F&B Job seekers
- Even though we assess candidates on pre-requisite criteria and character, the final say to hire any given candidate lies with you, and we help schedule the interview where you decide it too.
- Staff Stay Guarantee (with Replacement(s) within the guarantee period)
- and more..


- We provide you with a portal that is solely dedicated to F&B jobs only, this translates to an audience that consists of only F&B job seekers.. not Sales & marketing, not accounting & finance, not engineering.. JUST 100% F&B job seekers

- It's a platform that ALREADY WORKS! We've already got household F&B names on the platform reaching F&B job seekers on a daily basis, and so can you!

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