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Thank You and Congratulations!

Thanks for deciding to proceed with Source Co for the staffing needs of your F&B outlet(s). To continue, read on..

Hand Embrace

Provide us with information of what you need, what you're offering for workers and your criteria, and we'll search for suitable candidates for you.

To start the process, just click the "Get Started" button below.



IF you are a FIRST-TIME customer, Click to download the Human Resource Search Service Agreement document below - read and if you agree to proceed, stamp and sign and send it back to us. 


Proceed to make the payment of RM100 for the REGISTRATION & ON-BOARDING FEE below:

1. After making the payment, you will be sent an invoice acknowledging receipt of your payment via email.


Then, proceed to provide us with your company info, followed by the required details of the Job Vacancy:

1. Company Details - Co name, contact no, etc.
2. Information 
such as, Salary offered, if hostel is provided or not, restaurant Halal or non-halal status, benefits, requirements criteria, etc


Now we'll get to work and will send you profiles of suitable candidates as/when we have them.

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